Telephone Service & Repair

Telecommunications in Connecticut

Landmark Communications provides telephone service and repair for the following systems:

  • Allworx
  • NEC DSX, 1100, 2100
  • Avaya Partner
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The following are common service calls we can make for your business:

  • Additional Phone Lines
  • Additional Phones for New Employees
  • Remove Employees
  • Change Auto Attendant Greeting & Functionality
  • Phone Call Forwarding
  • Headset / Hands Free Installation
  • Relocate Fax Machine
  • Relocate Phone
  • New Network Jack Installation

Call us so we can send an expert technician out to diagnose and solve any problems that you are having with your telephone system.

Repair Frequently asked Questions

We need a new phone line; do we do that through you or through the phone company?

Call us, we can provide you with the best options for any new services, such as adding lines or internet service.

One of the lines on our phone system is not working, can you fix that, or do we need to call the phone company?

We can usually repair line issues, but we always suggest you start by calling your service provider to have them test the line/s to your building first to rule out any issue with service outages, etc. If your provider can not help, then give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

We are going to be moving soon, when do we need to start coordinating with you for the relocation?

Right away! We will want to advise you on how to relocate your systems and services and get your relocation priority on our schedule.

We have a few employees that need to work remotely, is there any we can use our phone system to include them in a way that is easy for my staff to use and understand?

In most cases your system will need to have VoIP features to allow for remote users, however, there are some call forwarding capabilities on non-VoIP systems that could be set to send calls from your system to remote users' cell phones.

Common repair needs our clients have:

  • Phones Not Ringing
  • No Dial Tone / Can't Call Out
  • Static on Phone
  • System Power Down
  • Power Outage
  • Cannot Access Voicemail
  • Poor Call Quality
  • Calls Dropping

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