Video Surveillance

Security Is Imperative For Any Business. After All, How Can You Be Profitable If You Can't Protect Your Assets?

Video surveillance systems are more intelligent and effective than ever. The best cameras now offer computer-like functions and features, like motion sensors and automatic mobile notifications. Technological development has also lead to more efficient ways of managing recording and storage. Now small business owners have access to immensely powerful surveillance systems at relatively affordable prices.


  • Deter Criminals & Reduce Theft
  • Help Law Enforcement Quickly & Catch Any Would-Be Thieves
  • Improve the Accountability of Your Employees & Monitor Productivity
  • Increase Your Profit Margin
  • Protect Your Employees From Harassment & Workplace Violence
  • Get Alerts on Your Cell Phone Whenever Activity is Detected & Your Business is Closed
  • Obtain Peace of Mind From Being Able to See What is Going on at Your Business From Your Cell Phone or Any Computer, Any Time of Day or Night

Landmark Communications Group will tailor a system specific to your business needs. Whether you have a large company with multiple locations or just a few cameras to watch your storefront, there's a solution for everyone. We offer leasing options that will allow you to monitor your business for a low monthly payment. Please call us for a free quote.

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